Dewanatron: World's most pretentious synth?

Jay writes to tell me about Dewanatron, an art/music duo who build very cool-looking synths, but claim they are "a family of instruments which hazard unpredictable behaviors and self playing tendencies. They make all previous and future instruments obsolete.." As Jay says: "I don't quite see where the unpredictability and such come from, except that the controls are all unlabeled". Dewanatron's pretensions continue on the 'About' page: "The operators begin a process which develops into a shape beyond the operator's authorship; the operators become gardeners, watering and pruning, mulching and composting sound. The music becomes a contrapuntal morass." You can hear that contrapuntal morass here. Mainly bleeps, some bloops.

ha ha ha ha ha. lol.
Oh but that's nothing compared to the pretentious descriptions of Arius Blaze's ISM contraptions!
I like said morass.
Is this true????

"In the mid 1970s Texas Instruments designed an analog/digital hybrid integrated circuit chip known as the SN76477, which was created for their popular educational toy known as the Speak N Spell."
The bio on the website leaves out that Brian Dewan is friends with They Might Be Giants and painted several of their early album covers. I recently saw him perform at an event called "The Rock Accordion Summit" (all rock bands with accordions) and he performed solo on accordion with a wild mix of strange originals and old-timey campaign songs from the likes of Richard Nixon, climaxing with a "ten-minute journey through one man's open-brain surgery without anaesthesia".

Though I agree that some of the descriptions are pretentious, I get the feeling that they might be ironic or sarcastic, a parody of the breathless metaphors people often use to describe the sounds they get from a Minimoog. I mean, reading the Dual Primate Console description you get the feeling he's being a bit self-embiggening but then you notice that he calls people primates, and that seems like a clue that it's a joke. Plus, some of them like the Swarmatron and the Alphatron are pretty cool, and even if they weren't, you've got to appreciate a guy who builds a rotary phone into his synth.
I've seen these guys live before, and actually seeing the stuff in action is worlds away from looking at the pictures or hearing the recordings. Seeing one of them grunt into a microphone and then start twisting some knobs, and then the other guy doing it, is quite a sight.
Yeah, Brian Dewan is cool, and a nice guy. After a show he played in Rhode Island, opening for TMBG, he was happy to talk about his electric zither (which, run through distortion, sounds like God's own electric guitar, except more so).

He also built the thing on the cover of _Lincoln_.
But the music on their site is still shite
So can you buy these things, or what?
Cool looking instruments! Not sure if it's pretentious so much as ironic/silly but still, interesting stuff + bleeps + bloops, cool! :)
isn't this "unpredictable behaviour" internal feedback? If so, then aleatoric behaviour is entirely possible - just like on other complex analogues
Sounded a bit like alien orgasms...
The Dewan cousins are freaks. the dewanatron experience is a bit noodly but what a fine pasta it is.
They have a dark sense of humor and to read them as pretentious is a myopic joke. Everyone should hear Brian Dewan sing, minds are there to be blown.
He also exhibits artwork with Pierogi Gallery and plays in the minute counters & emerson zenith and magnavox
it is crystal clear that jay does not get it. it is more of an art thing. i know leon. he is the most unpretentious, genuine person that you have ever met.

they have an installation at the pierogi

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