Cracklebox samples at Freesound Project

The other morning, I got a Cracklebox through the post from Steim (thanks, Michel). It's a very nice thing, and I thought I should share it, so I recorded this sample pack for the Freesound Project. If you can make anything musical from the samples, then a) you're an awful lot cleverer than me, and b) I'd love to hear it.

I really love your site, just ordered a cracklebox, should be a nice addition to my collection of weird noises.
Hey, I used the samples in a track on my album under the name Asciinoid, launched it a couple of weeks ago. You can buy the album on or of course, just check out the track itself, there's a preview of the track here

Not sure if that preview mp3 actually contains any of the cracklebox samples though. Still though, great sounds, gives the track a nice crunchy, squeaky feel it wouldn't otherwise have.
Cheers for that!
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