Coin-operated turntable sampler

Alex writes: "Here's a weird idea...this feller has created a freaky tonearm for his turntable with 4 infrared sensors on it. He sets the turntable going and puts coins on the platter which trigger the samples!". There are videos of the thing in action on the site (for those of you with proper internet connections...)

there's no sound on those videos...(or is that just me?)
just you I'm afraid...
That's a sucky idea... Ooh, it plays drum sounds... in a LOOP! Wow! But you gotta love a dude that spends that much time working on something that even the most idiotic sequencer does just fine!!!

...still, it looks nice.
Dude, I'm not sure you've quite grasped what MT is about. You can do EVERYTHING in a computer sequencer just fine, but is it any fun? Will it make you smile? Well, yes it will, but that's not the point, dammit!
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