A choice of entertainment for the day

You decide: Spend three minutes watching Dennis Madalone's America We Stand As One, which has convinced me that music is, in fact, inherently evil. OR, spend 45 minutes listening to this Radio 4 play about Delia Derbyshire, the genius British producer/musician/engineer who made the Dr Who theme music and lots of other things (scroll down a bit, it's at 13:00). Then, read more about Delia here. (Thanks, Bing and Jon)

You do know that American We Stand As One thing is satire? You were just being ironic or something? Right?
Is it satire? I thought it was obvious satire, but then I heard it wasn't, then I hear it is, etc...
Oh, its real all right.
Here's a story about it:
Right, truly not satire. Is it new? It seems like something we would have seen right after Sept 11, or around xmas time of 2001 with all the bad poems emailed, and the President George W Bush "Thank You for leading us, we're praying for you" email petition sent around (yes, there was one!). There was actually a song around xmas '01 played on all the pop stations that was the music to Silent Night, but with a creepy "Voice of God" describing how "I was there on the 14th floor" etc. I thought it was in really poor taste. I think it was the same vocal talent as the guy who did "Pork. The Other White Meat"
Link to the song:
It would have been more fair to ms. delia's talent had you posted these two topics separately...
They would have made two good separate stories. Or am I missing something?
"When Dennis first sang the song, the words just flowed. He started to cry, his dog, Honey Honey, started to howl, and then his wife, Linda, started to cry..."

The dog! Listen to the dog! Dog knows best!
my music often moves animals to tears as well. i used to think it was the piercing 32k herz tones i used, now i know it was angels at work, guiding my every step. now i must go forth and write a similar ode to my mighty homeland of australia (etc)
did anyone read his bio? seems he was quite the athlete in his high school days. bravo.
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