Build your own keyboard layout from scratch

Michael writes about the The Ergodex DX-1 - a $149 custom-configurable keyboard system, with up to 50 keys, positioned however you want them on a base station. "They talk about it as, and it is marketed as, a gaming controller," says Michael. "I don't know about YOU, but I don't see a gaming controller! Bundle this MF with Live."

Not as great as it sounds if you want to use it for a custom piano-like keyboard (i.e., building your own Van Janko keyboard). When you dig around in the fine print, you find that it balks at fewer than six simultaneous keypresses. For a mono-synth lead though...
true, but i was thinking more along the lines of a control surface - transport controls, track/scene selections, etc.

imagine this product taken one step further, with knobs and faders available in addition to normal keys..

You mean a bit like this: ? Lots of faders, buttons etc, which you can move about on a back board.
Nice picking this up, Tom. And yes, this would work nicely as a simple one-off control surface -- ain't gonna get no faders for this price. Put this NEXT to the custom fader box once you've got one. ;-)

Got one coming -- will let y'all know how it goes.

Here's the bad news: Windows-only. I'll try to see if there's any shot at Mac drivers. (I have a PC to use it with, I just don't see making things for only one platform in this day and age.)
>Not as great as it sounds if
>you want to use it for a custom
>piano-like keyboard (i.e.,
>building your own Van Janko
>keyboard). When you dig around
>in the fine print, you find
>that it balks at fewer than six
>simultaneous keypresses. For a
>mono-synth lead though...

That would be 6 *per octave*,
maybe... I imagine 5 or 6 of
these plugged in at a time.

I wrote to them weeks ago about
the possibility of doing this,
and about their OEM program.
No response.

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