Bitbox - more flashing LEDs than ever before

Chris from the increasingly fine Pixelsumo blog writes: Bitbox "is a performance interface by Brian Crabtree. Before I mention anymore, check out this 7mb video (quicktime mp4) which will explain everything. Each row of buttons is a sample. You press a button on that row to start playing the sample and an LED moves along each column providing visual feedback as to the loop position of the sample. Samples can be started anywhere along the timeline by pressing buttons further along."
This is really a brilliant concept. There's a little problem that the guy in the video looks like a crab-handed dork while he's playing the thing, but I'm sure that's not an insurmountable difficulty.

I would love to have one of these. Heck I would an investor if I had the money. but unfortunately I have not the money so I will just have to wait until he has investors to buy a finished product
I'm sorry to say this isn't at all a "brilliant concept", it's a step sequencer feeding max-msp, hell, you could do the same thing with a regular midi keyboard triggering steps in a seq - build the Reaktor-patch in an afternoon...

BUT it looks sexy enough. And I really like the size of it.
The music he's making with that thing is incredible. I don't think he looks like a dork at all... I think he looks exactly the way that is necessary to generate the tunes. More than appropriate for the way he's using the device. It's nice to be nice. There's enough nastiness out there already. The guy produces results. Nuff said.
i agree with the above post!
Me too! I Really like this guy, and his music, and his nifty sequence box. Phooey on the negatives.
Yeah. "Crab handed dork" is more than a little harsh. Music Thing just dropped off my radar.
brilliant box, harsh comment
I want one. Or two. : ) I don't care HOW it was made - just that it's useable to perform and improvise with. Period.
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cool, i like that this is a historic starting point for the Monome, what a great post. I've just written about the Monome here= DJ Music and i think products like these need our support.
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