A big pile of Fairlights appears on eBay

It's the sort of thing you normally see in a VEMIA auction: One person is currently selling two Fairlights (currently at £102 for the Series 2 and £52 for the series 3), one Synclavier (already £1,120) and a Maplin ETI 4600 (which as any Music Thing reader knows, is a big modular designed by Kim Ryrie, who went on to design... the Fairlight.)
All these amazing synths are "cash upon pickup only in Box, Wiltshire, near Bath," which has lead several people (well, me and Rob), to assume that they're being sold by Peter Gabriel, whose Real World studio is in Box. In fact, they all belonged to Chris Hughes, who worked with Peter but is not him. Very, very excitingly: "the Fairlight 2 was the instrument used on Tears for Fears songs like 'Shout', and Wang Chung's "Dance Hall Days"...

if it is Peter Gabriel that is selling these things then he has an obsession with crap mock-Japanese vases. and is buying budget microphones ($99! WITH FREE CABLE!). Thats what the sellers profile was saying anyway. peter bloody gabriel... ;)
I think I'm even more impressed about the owner being Chris Hughes (a.k.a Merrick from Adam And The Ants) !! It was his drumming with the Ants that inspired me to start back in 1980 and his work since with TFF et al has been of great inspiration to me and my song writing. Damn, I wish I had the money. These things are priceless for the history alone.
Why do people buy out-dated equipment just because it was once used by someone famous to create a Wang Chung song? Spend your money on modern gear and create something world class for the 2000s.
Spend your money on VINTAGE gear and create something worldclass for the 2000s! : )
Spend your money on VINTAGE gear and create something world class for the 1980s! :-D
Spend your money on whatever and create music for the hear(sic ;-) ) and now.
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