Awesome DIY Road-Cone amplifier

Chay from Kingston-on-Thames has built a self-powered speaker and amp into a normal police cone. He says: "I'm sure you are wondering 'how does it sound?' In a word, shit. However in its favour it is very loud, presents music quite acceptably, and is perhaps a little controversial." He's also built some kind of CD playing robot, . Good work, Chay. The world salutes you. (Thanks Simon!)

Thankyou sir :-)
The CD robot is designed to autochange for a PC, to allow automatic ripping of CDs, or duplicating demo's. c
Do the police know that you have one of their cones?
It is just one of many he has collected over time. And that is no including the 'Keep Left' 'cone' he had collected.
i'm sure he said "conetroversial."

sheesh, doesn't everybody there invoke alan partridge when it's apposite?
Nice to see that the Kingston University sport of nicking police cones is still thriving...
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