What's 50 Cent's DJ got?

So, I was just watching Top of The Pops, and 50 Cent comes on and sings his godawful single. I was about to change channel when I noticed his DJ had a little box I didn't recognise. It's Akai beige and covered in buttons with a cool flourescent display. What's that, then?

It's a box called Instant Replay, made by 360 systems. Radio stations use these for sound effects, station IDs, sweepers, etc.

- Chris
These are _very_ common with rap acts. You'd be hard pressed to find a major hip hop artist that didn't use one of these boxes on stage. They keep the backing tracks on them, and the DJ just scratches over the top.
thats so LAME !!! put some effort into it, for christ's sake !

why not just load tracks onto an MPC? At least you'd look cooler...
why on earth should the dj not be using on of these? He's a friggin' dj, he's supposed to put on the instrumental anyway, why not use a fancy hard-disk recorder like this one?

And it's TOTP, they hardly ever let anyone perform anything live, a practice they've kept up from the beginning.

I kinda like the Instant Replay. It's a no-BS approach to the whole dj thing. I don't need to see the 1200's spin at all...
I would much rather use an Instant Replay (and have) instead of an MPC. You have alot more ready to play instantly and if you don't need your sounds tied together or manipulated with funky knobs, you have what you need. They're a nice piece of equipment.
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