Trial version of Logic Express 7

Being a PC-user, I'm slightly unsure about the significance of this, but this page seems to offer a download for a free trial of Logic Express 7. I remember a regular justification for pirate software being "there's no demo version of Logic (or Cubase), so I'll download a crack and try it like that." Perhaps someone else can tell me if this version is time-limited or save-disabled or whatever? (Thanks Jeremy)

Time limited to 30 days.
Thank you for pointing this out! I've been wanting to try Logic 7 for a while but haven't felt like trying to mess with it at Guitar Center, and haven't wanted to warez it and so on.
It's very brave to give this free trial considering that Logic has the most inpenetrable UI of any Apple product.

If you are using a pure controller keyboard, and expecting to use software instruments, as lots of people are these days, this is the user experience:
You fire it up and it has 34 tracks, the most tempting called things like "Grand Piano", "Polysynth" etc, but when you select them and play keys, you hear nothing. No, you need to click on a track in the range 9-16, then click and hold on a totally blank rectangle on the other side of the screen.
Note that the blank rectangle may not even be visible, as it's in the top part of the lowest pane of the left hand sidebar, and the some of the content in that pane gets covered up if the window is less than huge.
Once you've clicked and held for long enough you get to navigate through multiple levels of popup menu, then choose a software synth.
Now you can make music.

I have never seen a piece of Mac software from any manufacturer break so many Apple UI rules.
hmm. link didn't work for me: i entered my details & it said 'thanks for downloading' but no file ever appeared and there's no 'force DL' button.


when i was making music for a living i used logic most of the time[from c-lab creator all the way up to logic audio 5] & i loved it. kind f depressed to hear wombat's suggestion that they've dropped the ball since joining apple.
Mikey - the interface probably isn't much different than what you remember. The issue is that it just isn't following Apple HIG. It is not easy for new users to grasp.

Wombat - you are right. It took me quite a while to figure out how to start using it. Not nearly as easy as GarageBand.
It's a complex piece of software doing some pretty complex tasks though. It's hard to make a powerful interface which is also extremely easy to use; that's why we have things called "manuals."

The UI is *vastly* improved over Logic 6, in any case.

But yeah, this isn't going to be a total install-and-play thing like GarageBand, but I don't think it needs to be. The people who are trying out Logic are either people who have outgrown GarageBand and want something more, or who have already been using Logic or Cubase or similar and want to see how much better Logic 7 is. Compared to Logic 6 or Cubase SX 2, Logic 7 is a *dream* in terms of usability.
well, i think that the emagic era UI was fantastic. those extra little menu bars are so not apple, but so useful. All sorts of clever little things happen by holding down command keys, menus pop up from icons, you have screensets. All of these things are totally not the trad apple way, but the german cunning efficiency of the whole thing is something you can happily get used to.
It had to be asked: Anyone found a crack yet? lol
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