Rock'n'Roll! It's the MT online crossword!

Dave has been very busy, creating an online Music Thing crossword. It's very, very difficult - I couldn't get three of the clues, and I cheated. The first person to send in a fully-completed screengrab wins a Moog Voyager the undying respect of all MT readers... CLICK HERE TO START


Impossible, but sweet.
damn. What *is* the name of that giant Moog? damn.
polyfusion - look it up :)

Crossword is pretty easy, I just have a couple of the open clues to get...
the stuff I'm stuck on: "waveform mod for coffee" - the only thing I can think of is granular but it doesn't fit...

Also "modulator" type, this could be anything... :)

Just need those two...
Ah, got modulator type now :) One more to go...
Probably one of the ones you couldn't get was the ARP namesake. The correct answer is Pearlman, but it was spelled Pearlmann in the puzzle.
The Moog modular one is weird, seeing as how models were designated by letters and numbers like 3C and 2P and 55 and such. Check to see a list of the models, but none of them are words that long.
The only other one I couldn't get was the filter that would sweep you off your feet. I guess I'm a pretty big geek for getting all the rest and only having to cheat to find out who Ray was.
By the way, it's not a Mellotron in "Stairway", but rather multitracked recorder. JPJ did, however, use a Mellotron live to recreate the sound. See
Ah, Polyfusion fits and works, but it is NOT a Moog modular. It's a completely different company!
Just one more till I finish it then...
Yep I got the misspelling of pearlman. :)
Ah! Just finished! :)
Polyfusion isn't a "totally different company", Folkman and Pearce were moog engineers.
Damn, I knew I'd misspell something. Sorry about "Pearlmann." Sorry in general for going completely on memeory while working on this thing. For the next one I'll have the literature in the room with me so there'll be no mistakes!
Dave, don't be so hard on yourself! It was still a lot of fun!
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