Not on eBay of the day: Movement Drum Computer

Why doesn't music gear look like this anymore? This is a Movement Drum Computer, a very rare British-made machine from the very early 1980s. It used analog and digital modules, so could sound like a Linn or a Simmons. It's most prominent owner was Dave Stewart, who used it on 'Sweet Dreams'. Mick Karn from Japan had one, as did Vince Clarke. It's possible that the Chemical Brothers may have one now (link). More info: here and here.

Its amazing how a bit of orange plastic can get the juices flowing.....sorry bit too much info
Oh, man. I had the opportunity to buy Thomas Dolby's Movement (that reads funny...) in about '91. A studio in NYC was having a gear sale, and it was just sitting there with a sign on it. I had about $400 in my pocket, and they wanted $350 for it.

I've been kicking myself for not buying that thing for a decade and a half, then you have to go and put that picture up. Shame on you!

Chris Randall
Audio Damage, Inc.
Ha Ha, I actually answered Dave Stewarts rather cryptic advert when he was selling his in the late eighties, he didn't want a lot for it as I remember, but there was some minor damage on the main keyboard unit.
In the end I plummed for a Kawai R100....Doh !!!
British band Kissing the Pink also had one. I saw one at a London pawn shop
around 1990 but i discovered a Linn LM1 neglected in a corner for 60 pounds so i bought that instead. damn
better had bought the movement but
it was to big to fit luggage on the jetfoil bach home :-)
But the Movement Drum Computer sounded like rubbish! Eurythmics used it mainly because it didn't sound like any other machines at the time (I think that they were all analogue & this was before the Fairlight came along.)

Dave borrowed my Oberheim DMX for 'Right By Your Side' which was much punchier sounding than the Movement, with better quality samples than the Linn.
I still have one - I was in an 80's band called Academy (RCA). It's orange and had updated chips!!
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