The Moogerfooger 4'33"

Thanks to everyone who's written in about Moog's great early April Fools entry, the Moogerfooger 4'33". Press the pedal, and just over four-and-a-half minutes of pure, high-fidelity all-analog silence is yours. Thanks especially to Steve from Moog Music, who writes: "yes, we have had calls asking when it will be available, and if they can place an order". In 1965, Robert Moog performed on stage with John Cage (who composed the original 4'33") at the Philharmonic Hall in New York. He's credited as playing "electronic devices". There's an great video of an earlier performace (without Robert) here. It features eight whirring reel-to-reels and various dance-in theremins.

Way to funny, I actually got really excited to see another moogerfooger came out I thought maybe they brought back their delay I currently have their ring mod and murf in my guitar rig
I'm going to visit Moog Music tomorrow - I wonder if the phones will be ringing off the hook with orders for the 4'33" while I'm there :)
This is, honestly, the funniest april fools joke I've seen since Byte's singleboard nuclear-reactor based single-board in-computer UPS system!

The frightening thought is that, depending on the cost of those lovely cases, Bob Moog could actually produce this, with just the case and the switch...
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