How to turn a TV into a disco oscilloscope

If you were inspired by that TV-turned-oscilloscope from a few weeks back, Censtron have posted this easy-looking step-by-step guide to circuit-bending an old television. Just be really, really careful. Remeber the safety message on the original post: "Do not go poking where danger might lurk." I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the guy in the picture is doing.

cool! imagine if someone could somehow make a sound which made the oscilliscope trace pictures of boobies!
in college i worked at a computer repair shop. one afternoon, i failed to properly discharge a crt..... zap.... needless to say i took the rest of the afternoon off. i think i will pass on this one.

great blog, btw!!!
I did this in high school with a tiny monochrome computer monitor...i was so proud of my "invention" but my parent's response was: don't take those things apart you'll "electrocute yourself!"
I did it in 1970 I still have it. Got an award in an exhibit at high school.
There was a lot of it about...

That describes one I knocked up in a Brooklyn warehouse on a week I spent with some pals I'd met on PMCMoo. I think some of the pomo had rubbed off.
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