How do Daleks speak?

If you're looking forward to the return of Dr Who, you might enjoy This post from Pete Swarbrick on the Analogue Heaven mailing list: "As some of you in the UK know, my day-job involves the supply and tech support of cameras and associated kit to the film and TV industry.On my latest visit to the new Dr Who production I spotted the guy doing the Dalek voices hidden round the back with a good old Coles lip-mic and a small rack of audio stuff. On further inspection it turned out that the majority of the rack was not in use, the only active bit was a mic amp/compressor which was feeding a Moog MF102 Ring mod hanging round the side. I know there has been a debate about the original Dalek voices being true ring mod or just a fast-gated VCA but I thought maybe one or two of you here might like to know how it's being done this time around. Can't remember any settings apart from square LFO though..."

Thanks to Lindasy at Bifurcated rivets for this harsh-but-fair analysis of this post...
That's some serious pot-kettle action, coming from a guy who less than 24 hours previously had posted
'I skyped my PC from my iBook. You get an interesting echo. Typing sounds very odd.
i've a suspicion that for the new series' they've added some distortion; either digitally or by sticking it through a valve. there's just some added dirtyness with the modern daleks.
The Dalek settings on the Moogerfooger Ring Mod are roughly:

LFO - 0
LFO Rate - 0
Mix - 10
Frequency - 30Hz (so the "High" button is selected and the frequency is at the lowest setting)

They add distortion by slightly overloading the input of the Moogerfooger.
thanks very:)
Eglence Forum, Paylaşım
You can use a program called HOG to make dalek voices on your computer.

There's a really cool website that has instructions on how to do this:
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