Happy Easter from the fastest finger in the world!

Belinda Bedekovic is a Croatian-born keyboard player who makes sweet, sweet love to a Yamaha KX5 in this video. She also hangs out with Steve Vai and may once have been an accordionist. "These days she has been working on her project ''TORNADO ON THE REMOTE KEYBOARD''. On her public appearances with her virtuosity and performance she ''demolishes everything in front of her'', and they are regularly accompanied by enthusiastic applause, sometimes even leading to euphoria.[More]. (Thanks, Wiley)
UPDATE: Here is Belinda on YouTube.

What can one say, The woman wrapped her legs around that keyboard and introduced the world to a whole new demension of Sexy Polka Music....
I should probably add that the link was sent to me by the lovely Meredith Yayanos from the band The Vanity Set
Steve's looking a bit like a sea hag in that pic.
Switched machines to watch the video. Assuming it's not sequenced, she's not bad. The 1985 Radio Shack oboe sound honking and piercing relentlessly however...now that was bad. HONK SQUONK SQUEEE!! Like the sound of a robot duck falling down a staircase. The End
She has that idiot "isn't it wonderful what I can do" grin that is common amongst accordionists of a certain school, like on Lawrence Welk.
I once saw a film with a whole orchestra of 6 yr old Chinese girls wearing party dresses and playing full-sized accordians that went down to their ankles. They all had that same grin.
Legwarmers, and Stiletto’s - need I say more? :)
You guys are all way too harsh. She is awesome. Totally ace. I wish my girlfriend could do a sexy yamaha quasi-accordion honk for me, that would make me very happy.
How embarrassing that video is - she looks like she wants to copulate.
to the last but one dude...you're god damn right! Neither this video nor this woman are embarrasing, they're both fantastic. To all you dateless wonders out there reading this - what the f++k is wrong with you synth nancyboys? She's totally ace and could get down with me anytime, drunk or sober (me or her.) Ever heard a chick honk like that on a crap Yamaha synth? It's just killer. What kind of weirdo is still perusing those lame 'headphone fetish' type sites when you've got this? Rock! ROCK!
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