Free online robot karaoke

Rhetorical rVoice is a professional speech synthesis system - they build voices for artificial call centres and the like. Their demo page is perfect for generating, say, an earnest Spanish gentleman rapping 'Bring The Noise' [100k mp3], or a stoned valley girl doing 'Night of the Living Bassheads' [160k mp3]. If you're hunting for Radiohead/ Kraftwerk/ Hawking robot voices, then you'll have to look elsewhere.

This is absolutely perfect for creating custom scripted movie type samples for Industrial tracks.
also perfect for a prank I'm in the middle of - we've kidnapped a mannikin a co-worker keeps in her office, and we need to call her with our demands.

I was going to record a prepared speech and vocode it, but this will work much better, since there's no chance of her recognizing my voice....
theres a very big drum and bass tune called "floodlight" by dj fresh that uses the "valley girl" voice....
( for audio)
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