Ebay of the day: Morley Oil-Can delay pedal

I've been intrigued by oil-can delays since this post, but I had no idea that Morley built an oil-can delay pedal. Here is one in reasonable nick, with a fantastic engraved case, currently at $149 with a day and a half to go. It looks like this is a prettier version than this old thing.

I bought one of these for $20 at a Salvation Army several years ago. Didn't work so I took it apart (naturally). I got to the oil can and it intrigued me even more--this despite what I'd heard (urban myth?) about the use of PCBs in these types of delays. So I cracked the thing open and there was some sort of liquid in there. I immediately surmised that I had just exposed myself to Love Canal levels of toxins. So I called the poison contol center who put my mind to rest. Whew.

On the upside, I got more than $20 trade in for it. And it still wasn't working!
I also have one of these and used it at gigs for years in teh 80's. It worked and sounded great. I have just tried to get it going again and after replacing the drive band I it is working again but has no treble. None. Like the echo is under water. I haven't opened the oil chamber. Is this likely to be the problem? What is the oil and where can I buy some?
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