Ebay of the day: Latronic Notron

A very rare Latronic Notron has come up on US eBay. The Notron was a fantastically cult British-designed MIDI step sequencer used by Bjork, Howie B etc. It's a Mark 2 model, not the really cool digital toilet seat original. It was developed by Gerald Campbell, who last year announced the MXF8 MIDI DJ controller. Unfortunately, it seems like he's left some disappointed customers, and his site has disappeared. Anyway, I'd really love a Notron, but I'm not sure I'm up for the $850 starting bid. Can't someone build a software-based Notron Emulator? More on the Notron here, here, here and here.

you don't need a notron when you can buy or build a P3 or midibox sequencer.

all else is hype and profiteering {though i must say that i prefer the look of the second models}.
I'd have to disagree. The 950$ P3 doesn't come close to the killer interface, and the wealth of opportunities within the Notron.

If I had the money right now, I'd soo bid.
For the price of One Latronic you could get a full dedicated Max/MSP laptop with touchscreen and two Peavey PC1600's to approximate the interface.

There is a need for a fantastic and cheap hardware sequencer. If someone could come up with a hardware hack to an existing fader box for $150 they'd clean up. Ram would be cheap as 64 megabytes hold more than a half million notes. The rest is a clock and a battery to hold the sequences on power off.
the winning bid was US $1691. That's way too much money.
no it isn't. I've owned & used about a dozen hardware sequencers, including several maqs, a schaltwerk, two p3's, all the way down to the arp 16xx & the roland 104, via csq 700, mam sq16, mobius, original 202 & 303.... you get the picture. my mk1 notron, currently in bits awaiting repair, is still my favourite. knock it some more when you're tried it, maybe.
A MK2 Notron for $1691 is a steal. I paid $1000 plus shipping from the UK for my MK2 back in 1999 . The Notron is a rare and one-of-a-kind piece of gear capable of endless possibilites in the right hands for certain types of music. This thing is top-notch all the way. All of those buttons are ball bearings and those knobs were machined in one of the three Latronic guys' brother's motorcycle shop. It's a work of art, and an incredibly powerful production tool. If you've never even seen one in person, let alone used one, you probably shouldn't make judgements on its value.
It's funny how people can make judgement on somthing by the way it looks. Not what it does.
These are tools for making MUSIC. I don't own a notron nor want one. I have used one befor and I can say that it is worth trying to find one if you are looking for one. I also have to say that a sequencer can make or brake your production and that my music would not be what it is today with out the right tools. I noticed alot of the people that post things on synth/hardware forums are people that dont make much music or they don't have the tools to make music and are quick to judge on the way somthing looks. There is alot of ugly gear and software out there but when we are listening to music we don't see any of that what so ever, who cares what it looks like, worry about how it works/sounds. Jp
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