Behringer website shows new-look pedals

If you look at Behringer's website, you'll see that the design of their new stompboxes has changed quite significantly since the Roland lawsuit. The old-look pictures are here.

I notice that their product pages still mention the BOSS pedals there replacing....

The BD100 says straight up that they're copping the BD-2 sound...

This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with the Boss® BD-2*.

* Let’s be clear. This is exclusively a BEHRINGER product. It is not in any way associated with and has not been approved, licensed, sponsored, endorsed, designed or manufactured (or anything else for that matter!) by ROLAND®/BOSS® or anyone other than BEHRINGER.
All Trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners and are not affiliated with BEHRINGER.
The real question is how do they sound, and how moddable are they.
Great, now they look exactly like the Digitech pedals.
I have such a love/hate feeling about behringer. I find myself buying thier products frequently because they really are good bargains, but they are said bargains due to their blatant, unflinching ripping-off of other company's desings. They released a line of DJ mixers a year or two ago that cloned the most popular pioneer and vestax mixers, at literally 1/5 the price.
Yes, I bought one.
Sure, they save a buck by not having to pay a designer to come up with an original look. But wouldn't it be *more* expensive to go out of your way to design a product to look identical to another? It doesn't add up. They must be cheap on the inside. Of course this didn't stop me from buying a pair of Behringer Truth powered monitors, since three studio buddies all swear by them. I guess I'll second the love-hate feeling.
My first flash of Behringer was in the late 80's early 90's when they launched a line of audio mixers which were unmistakeably copied from Mackie which was already a semi-pro consumer level item, (compared to full-tilt professional gear). I remember a dealer giving me this completely bogus pitch about them. It was embarrasing.

Subsequently the vibe off them was that if you were willing to compromise your audio quality they were what you might end up with.
I would rather have nothing and listen to the wind.

Their products have a harsh feel to them and my impression is that they appeal to people who are looking for low-dollar buys, and all manner of rationalization ensues as their customers try to convince themselves and others that they did the right thing.
Is this a forum or a flame board? Just curious you understand...... :S

When you get right down to it, most stomp boxes look alike. Just the colour scheme differs. They're all similar dimensions as that's the most sensible way to design them for ease of use.....

It is unfortunate that behringer used almost the same colour scheme as boss (I'd sure like to be in on the meeting when some turkey suggested the "BOSS" rip colour scheme), but as for the design, some make the boxes a little wider or longer with different controls, but it's still a box....

Couldn't BOSS just as easily be said to be copying with the multi-effect boxes....

Just my opinion of course, and you know what they say about opinions.....
"They're like arseholes. Everyone's got 'em and most of 'em stink" :D
I bought the new Behringer horse cock stomp box. It's great, it gives my guitar the exact sound of a big black horse cock! Also works with bass.
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