Play that funky music, Flat Boy

Equally happy as a graphics controller, drum pad, or [in one of the videos on the site] a jazz group interactive touchpad thing-a-ma-scope, the Flat Boy defies rational explanation, or indeed understanding. It's a blank slate upon which your wildest musical desires can be drawn. The manufacturers suggest you make your own overlays from paper, Mylar, leather, foam or even rubber: I'm going with fur.

It can be used for graphics, but I wouldn't suggest it: it's MIDI only.

I like your overlay suggestion, though! :-D

It does look like as a controller along it's a step up from the low-end Korg ElecTribes which use similar tech. Hope to test one . . .
It's nice to see somebody using the Tactex "smart fabric" for a control surface... especially since M-Audio/MIDIMan decided not to produce the "Surface One" controller (see I got to play with a prototype once and it was so very cool...
"It can be used for graphics, but I wouldn't suggest it: it's MIDI only."

No reason why there can't be a convertor (or there probably is already) that converts the midi signal to ascii input ready to use for games. Just assign each pad a key (or combination thereof) and you're off. I imagine that the key will be in their middleware - I think that's where the real jam will be. I'm gunna keep an eye on this, could be a nice little addition to my music nerd parephenalia!
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