New Site Feed - let me know if it works

A few people have asked me for a RSS feed for the site. I don't really understand how it works, but I'm proud to present:
  • Music Thing RSS Feed
  • Music Thing Atom Feed
    The new feed comes from Feedburner, and is supposed to work on any reader. Please let me know how it works in the comments.

  • Comments:
    Tom -

    Actually, I've been subscribing to your site for months! If you use, you can subscribe to Music Thing by typing in:

    It will autodiscover feed information on blogger's server.

    Me too; i've had MT as a live rss bookmark in Firefox since December. Firefox autodetects the rss feed as soon as you arrive at the site, and an icon appears in the far right hand side of the bottom status bar. Click it, and you can add it as a live bookmark. Instant Music Thing Love. :)
    I use Newsfire (OSX) andm like those in the the comments abovem i've been getting hot MT RSS lovin' for quite some time now.

    My reader was not remotely impressed by the Atom feed though. It just kept looking the other way & pretending nothing was happening…
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