Mr Sprinkle's Giant Organ

Ok, you're a Pentagon scientist, you've got three years to spare and you enjoy tapping stalactites in your local cave complex. You're fascinated by the tones they produce and you want to put your years of maths and electronics experience to use for the power of good, not evil. So what do you do? You build the world's largest musical instrument, of course. It's an organ that chimes its notes on hand-selected stalactites in the surrounding three and a half acres of caves. And the best bit? It's called the Stalacpipe! MP3

No mp3! Darn!
I wonder if he's Annie's father?
Is there an echo in here? (The Stalacpipe was mentioned in the very first Music Thing post.)
oops. you have to excuse us for any silly errors while tom is away. Ive already deleted my first post by mistake......It was definitley worth another mention though.
Jeez, Mr Duff. I don't think the MusicThing writers get paid, and this is a free service to you. It's hardly a big deal that someone expanded on one line in an earlier post now, is it? As the writer's picture didn't come from Oddmusic, or the MP3, then it's fair to assume that they found the instrument somewhere else anyway. I was amazed to hear the full MP3, so I'm grateful to them for writing. Not everyone was here since the beginning, and few of us remember everey word written...
that must be awe inspireing to hear in person.
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