MIDI guitars = Sex. Are you sure?

I'm left slightly speechless by the hideousness of this image, which you can buy on a poster for just $14.95. The auction description is this: "This shot entitled "Strat Players Always Get the Girls" is a terrific representation of a 1993 Fender Midi Strat from a private collection used exclusively for this image. What red blooded male wouldn't want this hanging on their wall?"

Hey Tom, shouldn't this have been in the Sex Issue?
He has some better posters, but this one, and most of the others are seriously lame.

First of all, Black Strat?? Oooh... It would almost be Claptonesque were it not for the fact that it's MIDI.

This one was nice....

Hey, if this looks like something you want over your sofa, go for it. Personally, I've seen better work done with better guitars, and would just as soon have a print from the "Blue Guitar" show as anything this guy is pimping...

FYI, at 11x14 (legal) size, and and attractive white border, I'm assuming that these were produced on a color copier.... Caveat Emptor.

Go take a nice pic of your guitar, and have kinkos print it on card stock using a color laser.... Costs about 5$. Congrats, you is now an artiste.
…tangentially, my repro 'Blackie' has a midi pickup on it. That & my VG-8 is the most versatile guitar setup i've ever used.
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