Man tries to sell tiny guitar bits for $450

Perhaps inspired by the successful sale of a old power lead from an organ for $127, a gentleman in Flushing, New York, is trying to sell a some wires and pots from a guitar for $450. Admittedly they came from a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr, but he's had no bids yet, and it's the second time he's listed them. Good luck, chap! (Thanks, David)

It is absolutely stunning what people will pay for an old bit or bob! I can top your story --

The $1325 3-pack of volume knobs.

No, not the whole guitar. Not even the whole volume control. No potentiometer. No wires. Just THREE ... PLASTIC ... KNOBS !!!!

And a real bargain at only US$400 each. Plus shipping, mind you.

But there are not just any three knobs, mind you -- Fifty year old plastic knobs that are so worn out the seller tells you that you must use a shim so it won't fall off.

I mean, I think maintaining originality, where possible, is important. I could understand if someone was willing to pay a small fortune for a vintage pickup, or a replacement neck, or even a tremolo bar, something that truly impacts the sound or feel or performance of the instrument... but this is a plastic (excuse me, "bakelight") knob.

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