Keyboard Boomboxes

Thanks to Chris from Audio Damage for pointing me back to the Boombox Museum. I linked there a while back but totally missed the best bit - these amazing 80s boomboxes with built in keyboards. They're incredibly rare, but get these model numbers locked into your eBay favourites: Casio KX-101 from 1984, Casio CK-200 from 1985 and Fisher SC-300 Stereo Composer. A couple of weeks back, someone tried to sell a SC-300 on eBay (here) with a 'Buy it now' of $499...

Also on the same site, the Sharp RX-990
(second to last model near the bottom of the page). The keyboard only has white natural keys with no black sharps, but it can still be played in real time. There is also a built in sequencer, and sequence data can be saved and loaded to cassette.
I've got a Casio KX-101. Simply amazing. If anyone out there knows where I can find a manual for this thing please let me know. I'm trying to figure out the sequencer/memory function.
Hey, I have a KX-101 in its original box with the manual. Holler at me and I'll see about getting a copy to you. Rob Edmunds
Does anyone know where one can purchase a Casio CK-10? This is another keyboard with a built-in AM/FM stereo radio. I like that model.

I remember seeing one of these in the display case of a department store we frequented when I was a youth and wanted one so badly. It just seemed like the best thing ever!
I have a CASIO KX 101 Manual available if interested. Please contact synthartist34 at yahoo
hi my casio kx 101 was stolen in 1986 and am desparate to purchase another. can anyone help

many thanks

Heres a KX101 on ebay.
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