Godfried-Willem Raes Week. Part One

A week ago, I'd never heard of Godfried-Willem Raes. Then Peter sent me an email telling me he'd discovered an amazing Belgian composer, performance artist, programming-language writer and instrument pioneer. A man whose friends call him God. I asked him to make sure that he wasn't a hoax (he isn't), and I'm very proud to hand you over for the first part of a week of special reports:
Five Reasons why Godfried is a MT Hero:
1: He was thrown out of Ghent Royal Conservatory in 1971 for being ‘antimusical’ because of his experiments in electronic music. He is now professor of experimental music composition there.
2: In 1968 he founded the Logos Foundation, which explores new musical interfaces, including “wireless gesture control, microwave radar, acceleration sensors, pyrodetectors, lightsensors, myoelectric devices, brainwaves, EEG and ECG”.
3: He’s created his own computer language for music composition, GMT which he uses to drive an orchestra of robot instruments (of which more later).
4: He wrote a symphony for bicycles
5: He has a fantastic beard, smokes a pipe, and is usually nude during performances (unless he's wearing a silver jumpsuit).


What a cool character!

Length: 1m78 Weight: 58kg [BMI 18.3]

No driving license, no car, no TV, no kids, no dog, no cat, no sports, no Mac…

Never ever drank Coke nor ever entered a Mac Donalds.

Virtuoso bicycle rider

Tango dancer , milonguero

Speaks fluently Dutch, German, English, French and Jabbertalk.

Reads Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Basic, Darms, C, Fortran, Hex, Music, Assembler, HTML…

hang on…

what was that again?

"no Mac…"

there's no need for that kind of talk!
yep, amazing stuff. i have an lp on the igloo label by logos (which was led by gottfried and moniek darge) wherein they deflate giant pillows on a giant stage in front of (presumably) giant people. pretty damn outrageous...
Why the hell is this guy an MT Hero?

He's a man who rides a bike and plays synths naked...that's more creepy than cool...
Un sacré belge, une fois ...
I went to Ghent a few years ago and paid the man a visit. I also had the privilege of seeing a guy playing inside a piano..Splendid.
Actually amazing article.
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