Email Controlled Scratch Robot

If this is your first visit to Music Thing, welcome and enjoy your stay. Tom Whitwell, the founding father of Music Thing has gone away for a bit and stupidly left the site in the hands of a bunch of amateurs, some of whom he's never even met. When he returns he'll discover that Music Thing has been turned into a hub for porn and warez and a vehicle for my self pitying shampoo-commercial indie project 'Prsiu'. Not really. We'll be just be posting more links to things like this ridiculous turntable. The email function is offline at the mo, which is a shame because I love websites that let you send stuff off to a remote computer for processing, like Rasterbator and the brilliant Face Transformer, but you can still see the turntable in action on the pictures page. And don't worry Turntablists, you're not quite redundant yet. This robot isn't going to be winning the DMC world championships any time soon.

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