eBay of the day

I can't even work out what it is, but it's a must have! Who doesn't need a CD-ROM detailing the patents for loads of, like, drum machines and stuff.

If anyone does buy this, can they explain what the hell it's all about in a comment?

why someone would want them - well, I used to work at the US Patent Office, and it was cool to go into the stacks and look at the art and information. Depending on what the patent relates to, it can have a ton of good technical info on the inner workings of the device, so if you had a drum machine that you wanted to repair or modify, this would possibly be a good resource.

why someone would put this cd-rom together - because it's all information that is freely available from the USPTO website, it's all public-domain info, and if I had the brains to come up with a script to harvest the images and put them into pdfs, I'd make these too! Idle computer online time + automation + $.10 worth of cd-rom = $4.99 + shipping.
- housepig
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