eBay of the Day: Sound System for Woodwinds

If you've ever seen a Maestro effects unit it's likely to be the Echoplex, a line of tape echo machines first built in the early 60's and manufactured right through till 1985. They made loads of others with the coolest logo and some great names: their stuff is much sought after by guitarists even though you can build clones yourself. In the early 70s sax and clarinet players started to feel a bit left out of the effects loop, and wanted a piece of the jazz fuzz tremelo pie. Maestro came to the rescue with the Sound System for Woodwinds, a riot of pastel rocker switches and chunky silver knobs. We all know it could never make a sax sound like a bassoon, but the fun is in finding out how it tries to. Here's your chance. Check out the seller's other items too. Makes me weep at the cost of international delivery.

all you have to do is listen to traffic's low spark of high heeled boys, to hear this effect box on the sax....classic...

anyone know about the maestro rover rotating speaker? i had one in the 70's...would love to find one now....
I have one of these sitting right in front of me, try routing a drum track through it. Also appears on the Melvin Jackson LP Funky Skull. Melvin is pictured on the cover with the Maestro sitting on his amp.
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