At last! Ukelele Robots!

The ever-reliable Mike's List Engadget alerted us to this animatronic Lego device for playing reggae tunes on a ukelele. Anything we added right now would be kind of redundant, wouldn't it? You're already there.

I must give props to these kids for having dug up what look like older "Expert Builder" parts from the '80s. Being a Lego dork (or ex-dork...I finally sold all my vintage Lego last month so I could buy vintage synths instead!), I can say that it would take a bit of tracking down on to score some of these gears and steering racks. But meh, maybe they're Dad(s) is as dorky as me and saved all his parts.
And, in other Lego news
Damn, they honored Steve Jobs by making a bald Lego likeness of him? Still, I suppose the alternative would've been to give him that same stupid '70s-style hairpiece, for which, after decades, there still seems to be no more fashionable an alternative...
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