Amazing Funky Oscilloscope from Censtron

Sabastian at Censtron has really outdone himself this time. He's the circuit bender who goes a bit further than messing up the samples on a Casio SK1 (his greatest hits included this and this). This time he's taken an old black & white TV set and turned it into a superpowered oscilloscope, which takes the input from a 1/4 inch jack and turns it into mad patterns. He's not overselling this thing when he says: "Words can not do this justice, watch the movie and see it for yourself, you will be amazed." I was. Product page with video.
Update: Turns out the system is called Wobblevision, and Here's how to build your own, but remember: "Do not go poking where danger might lurk."

Don't give him credit for inventing this. Google for "Wobblevision"
err, yea... dig thru some old issues of Popular Electronics from the late 70s and you'll see how to turn your tv into an oscilloscope... which is what you're looking at. Granted, this one seems geared to lissajous patterns but it's the same principle.
Please read this:
PS: I never said I invented it. As neither did the person who coined the horrible name "Wobblevision".
We used to make these back in the '70s.
As someone pointed out, there was an article in an an electronics magazine (probably Popular Electronics) that showed how to do it- the name the article gave to it was "Lissy" (from lissajou) but I'm sure hippies were doing it way before us. We rejoiced the day we got our hands on a colour set. Amazingly, no-one got fried, and nobody's house burned down.
Apop Records( has been selling something similiar in columbia mo for a couple years. They also make them for anyone interested for about $35. The main differance is that the apop version has an audio thru so you run your home stereo to the tv then run the from the tv to your speakers.
squiggle or wobblevision has been kicking it since nam june paik, maybe longer. Recontextualize, redistribute, and profit.
There was a lot of it about...

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