Wow. I want one of those.

Wow. The MacMini looks incredible. It's the size of a car stereo, it costs $500, and a 1.25 ghz G4 can run Logic, right? (Sure, Logic 7 costs considerably more than the computer, but maybe I can live with Logic Express). It doesn't have audio in, which really makes me think that an Apple audio interface might be annouced at NAMM. Plus, the new version of GarageBand can record 8 channels simulataneously, which seems slightly over the top.

I dunno about the audio interface. On the "accessories" page, they suggest iMic to add audio ins to a MacMini.
I also love the idea of using the DVI to Video adapter to use that thing on an HD TV.
Stay away from the iMic, it is a buzzy cheap little thing that will get consigned to a junk drawer quickly. Go for a usb or firewire preamp. I use the M-Audio USB Mobile Pre and I like it a lot. It was about a hundred dollars.

The Mac Mini is indeed cool. Someone I know is already talking about working it into an enclosure with a midi keyboard as a sort of all-in one music station.
Oh, and btw Logic express is great. There's a comparison between the express and pro features here:
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