What shall I do with $100 from the Google Ads?

After 150,000 page impressions and 394 clicks, I'm just $3.25 away from earning my first $100 from the Google Ads on this site. So, what should I spend it on?
One obvious contender would be a Sound Lab Mini Synth plus parts, but I'm not sure I've really got the soldering skills for that. What would you recommend? What's the very best Music Thing for under $100?

iPod Shuffle?
Well you could build a commodore64 sid chip synth for $45 from http://www.ucapps.de/
(i hope to get working on one of these soon, also the sound lab mini synth)

I also have to say the worst music thing you could get is an ipod shuffle hahaha.
The question comes down to what kind of music stuff you want to do? Are you working mostly with synths? With computers? Drum machines? Guitars and a garage band (the physical type, not the software) that need to be recorded?
While we could all suggest what we would do with $100, maybe if we knew more about what you wanted to do with it, we could better suggest?
Just an idea.
oh man, with $100 you could buy *two* of the sound lab mini synth boards and parts, and a kick ass narrow tipped soldering iron from maplin, because the expensive bit will be the pots and switches, and you can pull the pots out of old broken bits of hi-fi shit that you know you have lying around your house, or at least can find on brick lane market for two quid... the older they are the more likely it is that they will be generic pots with lots of solder points for different ohm ranges and the board will tolerate lots of ranges anyway... and then put it in a crisp packet. or at least if you just get one you *have* to put it in a box with it's own (borrowed) mini-amp and speaker, because no matter how excited you are by it, like most kit, it's never going to make noises better and more useable than your favourite plugins, but whatever you build it will be a cherishable *thing*, and that's what it's all about...
You could probably do a lot worse than this USB glove controller:


I just found a reference to it on the user forum for Cycling 74's MAX/MSP software. If you couple it with the P5midi program -- http://www.nicolasfournel.com/P5midi.htm -- it transforms into (I can only assume) a kick-ass midi controller. Pretty good for $80!

Listen, I'm not saying that we ALL should just suddenly don cybernetic gloves and start manipulating music along six axes simultaneously, I'm just saying the world MIGHT be the better for it in the long run...

Also check out the P5 community page with 3D pictures of glove-controlled virtual swords and stuff...
Aw man, my SIDstation is suddenly feeling very jealous of that cheap SID synth an anonymous poster posted about.
>"if we knew more about what you wanted to do with it, we could better suggest?"

Ben has it absolutely right: I want "a cherishable *thing*" - you can do anything with plug-ins, so I want something I can hold in my hand and 'cherish'!
Those SID Midiboxes are interesting... does anyone know if you can do something similar with Atari ST hardware? I have an Atari (with no floppy drive) laying around gathering dust that I'd like to put to some kind of good use.
…uhh, how much is a ticket to NAMM ?
I'd go with the Creative Prodikeys...

Sure, it doesn't have the geek chic of actually soldering everything together, but how cool is it to be able to Jam and blog at the same time, plus is would be compatible with your Mac Mini which you can buy after another 750,000 page views and 2000 clicks!
Off-topic - I'm seeing public service ads on your blog, which means you don't have an alternate ad setup at Google. If you configure alternate ads, you'll make a little extra money, even when Google has indexed a page.

One thing to do is make a static ad of Amazon links....

PS: Nice site!
According to the prodikeys site, it would *not* be compatible with the Mac Mini. Does someone know differently?
MY understanding is that the QWERTY bit hooks up via USB (via PS2 adapter), and that the Keyboard part was supported under general MIDI interface. May be wrong.... Don't have mine yet. :) (Mac Mini that is) YMMV.
I just bought the MicroSonic VST beatbox
and I really really like it...


And you'd get enough change from your $100
to go buy a quarter ounce.... roll it up
& get some head nodding RSI happening!
i found this bugger on ebay last week...
a pedal box with several pots, jacks and a breadboard connecting the components into one of 5 circuits...An "ampeg scrambler" clone, his take on the Klon Centaur among others....

the first one i saw went for 89 smackatonies(u$)
50% of the final value will go to World Vision: 2004 Tsunami Relief Fund

My knowledge of electronics is very limited and would like to develop my ear for capacitors and the like....just what happens when i run the circuit like so...
obviously all the components could be had somewhat cheaper through an electronics dealer but the cdrom manual sounds worth trying, and the Case is EXTREMELY Ugly. Note the fake wood grain for a backing..... not as cool as the synths but maybe more practical


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