Totally gratuitous picture, sorry.

I can't think of any good reason not to post this picture of Hady Wolff, demonstrating the Wersi Ikarus. It does look a litle bit like that new Korg, doesn't it?. (Thanks to Rasmus-DK for the idea and the link.)
UPDATE: Bing writes: "I can't help feel that Hady's pose is paying homage to saucy Ethel Smith and the mighty Yves Beausoleil featured here. As for the image of Jac Campion mesmerising a young lady with deft fingerwork on his organ . . . well, what can one say?

I love that he showed up to the photoshoot dressed like he had just finished tilling the fields
if you think those two are similar, compare the elektron monomachine with this.

elektron, busted! ;)
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