ToneCrafter Universal DIY Stompbox

rOck1 rOck2 writes: "I found this bugger on eBay last week... a pedal box with several pots, jacks and a breadboard connecting the components into one of 5 circuits, including an Ampeg Scrambler clone and his take on the Klon Centaur. The first one I saw went for 89 smackatonies(U$). My knowledge of electronics is very limited and would like to develop my ear for capacitors and the like. Obviously all the components could be had somewhat cheaper through an electronics dealer but the CD Rom manual sounds worth trying, and the Case is EXTREMELY ugly. Note the fake wood grain on the bottom."
Thanks, rOck, I kind of like the wooden base, but that pale-blue paintjob is awful.

from the samples, it makes about as nice a sound as the crappiest digital multi-effect pedal one can buy.
Actually, I like the paint job. Institutionalised Blue. mmmmmmm
The base is real wood, and the overdrive circuits sound pretty good, damn educational box (at least for the neophyte). I also like the blue paint, not sure about those stickers though.
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