That's what I want plugged into my Mac Mini!

So, you've just bought a Mac Mini, you're running Logic, and you haven't got an audio in. You could buy some little USB interface and a cheapo microphone or, for a very reasonable $139, you could buy a Snowball, made by Blue, who make some really, really expensive microphones. It's USB powered, with two capsules, one for vocals, one for instruments. I really, really want one...

i have a question.. umm so does it have a built in preamp? I'm guessing it would if it can record vocals and instrument.
If it connects to USB, then it had better have a pre-amp, D/A, and serializer.

Last I checked, USB is a digital serial bus.
USB is a powered input, so there is no need for a preamp...the power supplied by the USB port is enough to amplify the mics output. And USB is a much better interface than, say, a line or mic input because it would not pick up interference due to the PC/CPU fan or hard drive.
When the hell is this mic supposed to come out? Its past Spring of 05!!! lol
This Mic is out now, I bought one at my local Guitar Center. And yes, it includes a pre-amp, and is automatically recognized by OS X (no need for a driver installation).
just a question to the person above that bought at GC... does it include the little stand/mount thatt some reviews mention. Just asking 'cause GC said no over the phone.... thx
has anyone used one of these on a PC running Windows 2000? Just curious if it'll work with a driver installation? Or if it will only work with PC's that have XP?
I just jumped from their site - - and it says the snowball only works with XP... BTW, haas anyone heard of any other USB mics?
happy New Year from Melbourne, guys.
the blue mic seems to be nothing more than a funky paperweight if you're using anything other than Garage band. So far - no good.
I'm looking at Blue's site as well and it clearly states OS X as one of the system requirements. It's often mis-understood that USB devices just work on Macs anyway, just don't fall into that myth!

Yes, it has a preamp... yes, it comes with a stand (not the shock-mounted stand, but a little tripod with rubber feet). I have been using mine to record podcasts. The sound quality is pretty good for voice; I have not tested it with instruments yet. A word of caution that it is quite sensitive and will pick up a lot of ambient noise, even using the cardioid capsule.

MacOS X (at least, 10.3.9+) will recognize it directly; it will show up in Audio MIDI setup. (see Applications/Utilities/...) Any audio application should be able to handle it. I am using Freeverse Sound Studio since I don't have Garage Band. It works with Audacity, although I have had some trouble getting Audacity to retain its settings and stay stable.

Windows 2000 also recognized it directly (no need to install a driver).
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