Ooh, a tiny cute little synthesizer. Cheap, too!

Berlin-based MFB have been making cheap, quirky synths since 1976. I always fancied their MFB Synth II with a built-in sequencer. Their new thing is the Polylite, a four-voice synth with digital oscillators and analog filters. I can't quite see how the control panel works from the German product page (where are all the knobs?) but it's pretty cute for €345.

I babelfished the page and got:

"Since it does not have automatic controllers, one can change the Presets only over Midi."

So I'm guessing that's the answer.
I read something vague on another page that seemed to inicate you could program it from a Synth Lite - they're supposed to have the same architecture.
How about forget it and buy a Korg already
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