NAMM New product round-up

Well, I'm not in California, I'm in frosty London. Here are some of the best bits so-far from NAMM:
  • EMU have produced a laptop-friendly version of their super-popular 1820M soundcard, but it's still PC only. More.
  • There was a lot of expectation about a new product from Ableton. It turned out to be Operator, a software FM synth costing $149. Their normally loyal customers are furious.
  • That big ugly synth from Korg has been announced. It's called Oasys, and it's basically a $7,000 PC-in-a-synth that runs Linux and has every other Korg product cobbled into it. More
    More later. For proper, up-to-date coverage from the right time zone, try Harmony Central or Create Digital Music.

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