Is this Apple's new audio interface? (No, it's not)

It's nicely designed in shiny white plastic, but this is the new Focusrite Saffire, which will be launched at NAMM, which starts on the 20th. It's a 2-in 8-out Firewire interface with built-in DSP effects (they seem to be mainly for recording or monitoring, not for using as VST plugins). Nice but slightly unexciting, in other words. No word on price yet. (via ZioShow). UPDATE: Looks like the hardware effects will work as VST plugins. So this box is basically a much better looking EMU 1820M.

i went along to a preview of the macmini/ipod shuffle/ilife 05/iwork last week.

garageband 2 is a very potent piece of kit.

[quantising of live audio, intelligent pitch correction, notation display etc.]

given that it supports 8 audio inputs, i asked the apple rep which interfaces it worked with.

he looked very worried and said "ooh, um, most of the…er…MAJOR products"

if you get me.
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