Hand Bandâ„¢ - Wireless, rechargable spandex music gloves

Another amazing music toy - tiny gloves (which only fit 8-12 yr olds) where each finger plays a different sound, and "A child can play on a surface or in the air". Best of all, you can buy three sets of the gloves in different colours, and they'll all work together. Unfortunately, $99 is a bit steep for a circuit bender to experiment with. [link]. (via Mikey and Red Ferret)

They sort of fit adult hands though i never got to actually try them. They kept getting marked down until they were finally $6 at a local toys'r'us but sadly i didn't get there in time before they sold out. but the fact that they would mark them down to $6 and nobody in their right mind would really pay that much for these things, i'm sure you'll see them cheap in the future.
This reminds me of the the MIDI gloves that Steve Hogarth, of Marillion, used on stage to trigger samples.

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