Block Jam!

Block Jam is a beautiful system of electronic musical dominoes, delevoped by Sony a couple of years ago. You plug the blocks together, dial a sequence into the LED display on the top, and they connect to make music. The Video and the other video explain it better. Unfortunately, there's no sign it will ever be released, but it's good to know those Sony profits are being well spent. Detailed description. (via We Make Money Not Art and Tommy) UPDATE: I've just got the Shockwave Demo working, and it's amazing - does everything that the blocks in the video can. (Thanks eshefer!)

I had the privilege of playing with these at Siggraph 2002. They are a LOT of fun.
I wish I could get my hands on some of these. Let us hope that they do get released
I can't beleave you didn't mentune the shockwave demo on the blockjam page! damn!!

it's so cool, I'm freezing here.
check the shockwave on that page. DAMN! that's cool!
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