Big cheap aluminium master keyboard from China

At the exact opposite end of the scale from the tiny, chic, MacMini is the UF Omnipotent Master Keyboard (good name!), a new range of keyboards from Chinese manufacturer CME Professional. They're great value - 46 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch for $199, up to 88 fully-weighted keys for $549, all in a metal shell with plenty of controllers, including proper sequencer transport controls. A few mysteries remain after reading the slightly vague Product Page: In all the pictures, there's what looks like the outline of a querty keyboard to the right of the control panel (you might have to tilt your LCD to see it) - but it's not mentioned anywhere. A built in querty keyboard would be very Fairlight, wouldn't it? Also, the red & black colour scheme is a bit '90s Roland, but there's one picture with a much nicer off-white colour, with reversed black/white keyboard and wooden end panels. NICE!

Qwerty, not querty.
I think the "white" keyboard is just the standard graphic put through a 'negative' filter. Crazy chinks and their crazy production values!
if the above comment were true, then a reversed image of the "white" keyboard would look like the standard "black" one, yet... it doesn't.

besides that, tho, "Omnipotent Master"? i obviously need to buy it, if that's gonna be the name.
Yes, geek that I am, I tried reversing that image to see if that's what they'd done. To save you the hassle, it isn't - you get icky torquoise end-panels...
Lee Sherman is there at Macworld and saw this thing in person; just posted his report on

But I have questions as well, like:
- is that a QWERTY?
- is the FireWire mLAN? (pretty sure it is from their displays)
- how is the breath controller mapped (very cool on a keyboard!)

Overall, this thing is fabulous. Hope we can snatch it up for Keyboard Mag.
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