Another cute little guitar amp

A bit like a mainstream version of the Zvex Nano Head (only 300 times more powerful)(and solid state, not tube)(and without the hand-painted case), the Crate PowerBlock is a tiny, very cute 150 watt little amp head. It might be time for music gear manufacturers to get over blue LEDs, though... (via Harmony Central)

Who would the target market for this be?? By the time you need 150 watts, size and weight are of secondary importance. Keyboard players might like this for it's XLR connectability, but it seems to be designed around guitarists.... Crate, a history of f'ing useless kit.

So, I get loud sterile tone in a conveniently carryable form factor. Of course, I don't get room for the 4-6 pedals I'll need to get a "tubish" tone, the speaker cabs are what weigh so much to begin with, and I'll never turn the thing over 2 unless I'm playing Wembley.

It's a AB class amp, so it will not be clean enough for anything but guitar, and it's useless for guitar.

Heck, for a 75 watt RMS amp head (solid state) it's expensive too. Same price as a Carvin SX300H, which has more head room, and better tone options. The SX300H is also about 22 pounds, 4 times bigger than the power block, but still verrry portable.
It's class D power, first of all. And 150 watts solid state is not really that much. It's perfect, actually. Sounds comparable to about 80 watts tube. This little thing sounds excellent. The target is musicians who like a clean but earthy tone that they can use pedals with. Not everyone likes to get their crunch from the amp. I'm impressed.
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