Alice Malloy's Theremin Bra

By way of contrast to the approaching mountain of new products from NAMM, Jason from Theremin World writes: "She's turned a couple of metal dome theremins into a theremin-bra.  Her site has a video showing her playing it.  Wowee!" The video is a little bit too psychedelic to really see much, but is still well worth watching. Look further into the Audio Artists site, and you'll find this collection of mini synths built into handbags and tupperware boxes, this slightly disturbing pictue of Alice with a synthesizer baby, and this heart-warming picture of a man with a huge modular synth, a circuit-bent toy, a hexagonal drum pad and an 808. Aaaah!

That must be the lamest video I have ever seen. I'm reminded of USA's "Up All Night". For that matter, the video doesn't even have a clear means of letting you know what the damn thing sounds like.

This epitomizes style over substance, and on that level is a bit immature... The synthesizer equivalent of a fart joke. Like a bit of Marzipan sculpted into a body part, or a rude cake. From what I can tell, there isn't even much talent involved. Is there such a thing as Avant-Gauche??
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