Add a USB port to any guitar (and some mics) for $49

Another potentially great invention! Mac Mice, the people who did GarageKeys are about to launch GuitarPlug and MicPlug - a thing the size of a guitar plug, with a mini USB socket on the back. Plug the USB cable into your computer, and it's a mono audio interface. Lots of potential complications with drivers and such, but it's a great idea, and $49 seems reasonable. The mic version won't (yet) work with condenser mics that need phantom power, but it could still be a very neat way to get a SM57 connected to a laptop. Product Page. (via Harmony Central)

I can imagine trying to rock out while tethered by a 3' USB cable. In my imagination this does not end well.
Yeah, this thing should really have a male USB port and a female 1/4" jack. That'd let the analog signal travel through the cord that was designed to carry it instead of the USB cord that dies after three feet.

Anybody know if it's actually safe to buy from DVForge/MacMice? Back in the day they were the scum of the earth, but they haven't gone away, so perhaps they've gone legit?
There are lots of ways to get around the 3' USB cable limitation. Try a female to female 1/4" adaptor (very cheap), attach one end to the GuitarPlug and the other to your favorite patch cable. Or you could just run it from an amp's output or headphone jack. You'd probably get a better sound like that anyway.
Actually, the USB cable limti is 16-feet, not 3. :-)
I wish they still made the air plug - it was like a mr microphone for you guitar. - Could play over any FM radio. - Maybe it will make a combck and have bluetooth
Their JamPlug is a tremendously cheap piece of crap. Great idea but awful sound. Gave me a headache every time I used it. I would wait until there are reviews before buying something from these guys.
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