Xmas Gift Guide: Zvex Nano Head

Five reasons to covet the $400 Zvex Nano Head half-watt valve amp as much as I do:
1: It's tiny. That blue box at the bottom? It's smaller than an iPod
2: Those teeny little valves? The were originally designed for use in ballistic missiles
3: It has a one-inch cooling fan on the side, and a tiny speaker on the bottom
4: It can power a full-sized Marshall stack loud enough to record with
5: Inventor Zachary Vex has the most flattering Googlism entry I've ever seen


Having seen the head on music thing, I went down to my local shop and gave it a try. It's actually bloody good. It's loud through a real cab. Full volume on the amp was a little loud for the shop but not too much. The switches do what they say and there's a surprising range of sounds out of the little box. You need a bit of fiddling to get a decent cleanish sound but you can get it eventually. And, it is beautifully and ideosyncratically made. Main problem is the £350. It's a bit much for a "nice to have" thing and, of course, if you've got a combo like me, you're going to have to go out and buy a head too....
or use your combo as a speaker cab, run a cable from the combos' speaker to the amp!!.
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