Xmas Gift Guide: The iKazoo

It's always interesting find out who reads Music Thing, so I was delighted to get this message from Rick Hubbard: "I enjoy reading your blog, and as America's only full-time, professional kazoo player and owner of the kazoo factory, I felt I should contribute something." Rick's new thing is the iKazoo, which costs 79¢: "Now you can jam with your iTunes. And if you can't afford an iPod, you can still get a white kazoo." He also has an awesome guitar.


I think the kazoo is an underrated instrument. Eric Clapton put a kazoo quintet to good use on one of the songs in his Unplugged gig & album. It's a cheap way to fill a lot of acoustic space, it's ultra-portable, has a low learning-curve, and it's just fun. I get my (snazzy bronze-coloured metal) kazoo out fairly often...
one of my fondest dreams is to record an all-kazoo rendering of 'crosstown traffic'. perhaps the time to realise this dream has finally arrived.
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