What's up with the humble sinister Vibraslap?

My friend Peter has been investigating the Vibraslap, everyone's favourite bit of music-lesson latin percussion (click here for some free samples) :
"Did you know that the bizarrely shaped/named vibraslap is designed to imitate the quijada, a primitive instrument made from two donkey jawbones tied together? The teeth rattle when you shake it. You can buy a real quijada made in Peru here, although: 'Due to obvious supply limitations sometimes there is a waiting time for these very popular and hard to find instruments.' I thought it was a wind-up at first. Who'd have thought the vibraslap could be so sinister. It's a crazy world."
Stay tuned for Peter's extraordinary report about shamanic rituals involving Soviet military-spec handheld acoustic instruments...

Actually, i have a "quijada de burro" (i'm peruvian.) It was a gift and yes, they're not so easy to find, although every percussionist seems to have one.

BTW, your blog is one of the coolest pages in the world!

firq krumpl
I trying to lay my hands on a quijada de burro for my partner who is a percussionist. Problem is I can't find anyone who can ship to the UK.
Does anyone have any suggestions please?
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