Speakers built into toilet pipes (again!)

A few months back, I featured the Pyp-Bomb - a cute-looking guitar amp built into a section of toilet down-pipe. Now Gizmodo is linking to Acoustical Art, who build high (and low) end hi-fi speakers in... toilet down-pipes. $2499 (!) gets you a big floor-standing three-way thing (with a very cool bass reflex pipe), or $150 gets you the little units pictured above, with a 3 inch speaker, available in white, black, red, yellow and grey.

Just heard from the creator who's here in NYC -- he says they're intended for a surround setup. Off to Rego Park, Queens, it sounds, though anyone doing CES in Vegas can go there. (Vegas? Rego Park? Both equally glamorous places!)

He says he wants me "to have a full Flow experience."

Feel the flow!
looks like something i did built when i was a kid ,still wonder why nobody copied my idea for putting a eu toilet seat in a box with a 10 inch carlike subwoofer ,,,,guess anyono knows how farst sound so big on the seat ,,i built it about 10 years ago for a friend and it sounds great ! no sjit


that the basic
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